Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One Day in the Life of Love in a Bottle

I remember that day, it was March 10, 2012, when I was chosen from among a range of perfumes. Excitement! Excitement! I am about to gain freedom.

Tresor in Love
Love in a Bottle

She took me home and took off my cap to put on a bulb dressed in black ribbons formed into a rose. This ribbon rose is my heart. It beats and pushes my soul to flow from this glass body to the space of what they call her world.  I travel this world through the medium of her body. I am one with her and her laughter. I am there with her when she speaks and in her quietness.

With her every step I am released. There is nothing that can give me life better than to be free to linger. Lingering. That is what I do best. I linger on skin and 2nd skin. I linger in the air. Molecules of sweetness. Today I am free.

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