Sunday, April 15, 2012

So Long Paul and Joe

Paul and Joe Beaute counter
Rustan's Makati
I haven't finished saying hello, I have to say goodbye.  April 15, 2012 is Paul and Joe Beaute's last day here in Makati, Philippines.  Sad.  According to the SA the whole of Paul and Joe Beaute will be pulled out from South East Asia.  It is a decision made by the distributor.  Sad.  Their last collection available here was their Manhattan collection which was released for fall 2011.  I was waiting for their spring 2012 which I find really cute, but, I will never have a chance to hold those in my hands.  Sad.

I've never tired any of their products but I will miss seeing their charming counter which adds an extra something special to a department store's beauty section.  I do hope that someday Paul and Joe will come back to South East Asia.  You will certainly be missed.

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