Saturday, September 22, 2012

August & September Empties!

My first ever empties post!  Huzzah!  I was supposed to post two out of the four here last month but thought the number small so I decided to wait until I finished up some more products.

1. Last month I used up two GWPs from Clinique.  It took me five months to finish these 15 ml bottles of clarifying moisture lotion because of some awful reviews I've read on their 3 step system.  I did not use this everyday only once a week or two weeks.  I did not experience any of the horror stories I've read.  Breathe easy now.
Clarifying Moisture Lotion

2. I only used half of this eye-wincingly expensive lip balm.  I accidentally spilled a sea of peppermint aromatherapy oil on this and it was soaked.  I tried turning it upside down to let the oil drip and wipe it off with tissue.  Didn't work.  My lips were tingling and burning when I applied it.  Since it's so expensive I cannot muster the strength to throw it away.  Currently it sits on my vanity as a reminder to not be careless around when around the vanity.
Coco Baume
Product name: Chanel Coco Baume
Available at: Chanel counters at Rustan's Shangri-la and Rustan's Makati
Price: PHP 1,650

3. After that accident with a Chanel lip balm I got me self this.  It is light years cheaper than the other plus it is a much better product.  It left my dry, flaky lips hydrated, healthy and it healed the chapping.  I finished this up this month, even using my fingers to expend it until I could no longer glean any.  This is so good for the lips that I'm now on my second tube.
Essential Care
Product name: Nivea Essential Care
Available at: Mercury Drugstores and Watson's
Price: PHP 86

4. Another GWP and this stuff I love!  I'm thinking of writing a separate post on this so stay tuned :)
Gel Exfoliant
White Reveal Wipe-Off Gel

Are there any products you used up and would like to share?

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