Friday, September 28, 2012

Revlon StreetWear Nail Color

I was rummaging through a drawer that's been long neglected.  And there under dark space and dusty allergens was something from old.

Do you get that feeling when something you see instantly awakens memories that make your heart come alive?  That happy reminiscing feeling that transports you to your vintage years?  Major Nostalgia.

I remember this from 15 years ago.  From the 90's!  I was in high school then when colored nails weren't allowed in our school.  This was a for-the-weekend treat.

All those years of being forgotten I thought this baby's heart went hard and dry.  But it did not!  I don't know if nail polishes have a shelf life but this bottle is still good.  It applies smooth.  One coat is enough.  No streaks.  Just a wonderful opaque metallic blue hue.

Have you recently come across something that makes you hop on the train of nostalgia?

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