Friday, May 11, 2012

Is Your Drink Green?

It's the weekend again.  Time to unwind.   Yipee!

I usually spend these lazy afternoons at home watching TV or reading a book.  But today I will be improving my blog's boring old layout with a cup of green tea for ease.

Green tea is said to be good for the health and the mind.  The former might be true considering it has antioxidants.  The latter might be stretching it benefits too far.  I think most teas out there are right for relaxing and thus de-cluttering the mind.

Have you had your tea today?

One Cup for the Day

Have a great weekend!


  1. Ah, you just had to post about tea right when I'm running out of Dilmah Earl Grey.

    I find I've been making a teabag of Earl Grey in the mornings when the temperature is somewhat cool and storing it in the freezer for drinking around lunchtime.

  2. Hi Antare!

    Cool tea. Now that's refreshing! :)


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